3 Unique Fundraising Ideas for Charity or Nonprofit Organizations

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As a charity or nonprofit organization, fundraising should be one of your main focuses. It is difficult to do something for your cause without enough resources. While there are so many fundraising ideas out there, we are going to focus on unique ones that will help you retain your regular sponsors and find new ones. Here are three suggestions that you may want to consider for your next fundraiser:

1.) It’s time to trade class for comfort.

Within the context of fundraising events, charities or NGO’s may always find it convenient to hold cocktail parties to raise awareness. While that may work for your major sponsors, that does not really appeal to the public who are nevertheless willing to help but do not want to attend formal events. If you want to bring in as much people as you want, try organising relatable family events that can accommodate anyone who wants to join regardless of their profile. A barbecue lunch perhaps, or even a hotdog-and-beer event during the summer. It’s a great way for everyone to mingle and enjoy the outdoors.

2.) Let your sponsors pay to work for you.

While this may sound weird, you can enlist people to pay you and at the same time work for you! The reason behind this is that people want to be directly involved in the work you are doing. For example, if you are building houses and shelters, have people pay $20 to become a painter, or even $100 to become a foreman. This actually works because it makes people feel more involved in your cause. They are doing concrete actions and at the same time funding your organisation.

3.) Specify the worth of sponsorships.

Last but not the least, stop asking for hypothetical amounts of money! Be more specific. Let people know what a certain amount of monetary help can do. For example, if you are feeding people in very poor areas, you can tell your sponsors that with $50, they can already supply 3 sacks of rice. It all depends on the nature of your organisation. If you are supplying clean, potable water to those who do not have access to it, let people know how their $10 can make a difference in the community you are supporting.

While fundraising can become challenging at times, you have to remember that it’s really all about your preparations and how you appeal to your target audience. With the right message, branding, and reach, you can surely raise enough funds to support your cause.